Questions Frequently Asked About Modular Homes in New Jersey

Modular homes in New Jersey offer consumers a unique blend of traditional construction methods and state-of-the-art technology. Contrary to a conventionally site-built home, which is assembled piece by piece and exposed to the elements throughout the entire construction process, manufactured homes in NJ are constructed in segments (called “modules” or “cubes”) in a climate-controlled factory by expert craftsmen using precise machinery. Every structure built by Jersey Dream Design Center meets or exceeds municipal and state building codes, and is inspected by third-party agencies. Our modular homes actually use MORE framing materials than the average site-built home (due to the need for the home to withstand the rigors of ground transportation and being lifted by a crane), resulting in a structure which is much sturdier and less susceptible to structural inconsistencies and settling. View the gallery of modular homes in New Jersey, which are especially known for having unusually level floors and ceilings, square frames, and precise finish and trims.

Quality Control: Another advantage to the construction of modular homes in New Jersey is control. Building manufactured homes in NJ in a factory setting allows for more consistent quality due to uniform construction processes, training techniques, and inspections. Modular home manufacturers apply the efficiency of the assembly line to the home building industry. Each worker in the modular plant has been trained to do a particular job and through experience, has become an expert in that one aspect of home construction. In site-built construction, most employees do a range of jobs from framing to roofing to installing floor covering. They may or may not be skilled to any one home building task, and are instead doing everything. Modular home buyers can always be assured that their home meets or exceed all state building codes. All modular homes are inspected by an independent, third-party home inspection agency before the home leaves the factory. Once a modular home in New Jersey is erected on-site, it is again inspected, this time by a local building inspector, to ensure that the new home is built with the quality and structural integrity required in your community.

Cost Control: There are many factors that may make modular homes in New Jersey more cost-effective than site-built homes. The producers of manufactured homes in NJ are able to purchase materials in bulk and store those materials for a longer amount of time than most conventional builders. When material costs increase, so does the savings of bulk buying. New Jersey modular homes also control home building costs after the modules leave their production facility. Weather delays, which cost both the home builder and buyer time and money, are reduced significantly. Also, there is less theft of building materials on a modular construction site; once the home is set on its foundation, it is more complete and secure.

Design Flexibility: While most New Jersey modular home manufacturers have a portfolio of home plans, there are limitless design possibilities when planning your new modular home. View the gallery of modular homes in New Jersey that Jersey Dream Design Center offers. Jersey Dream Design Center utilizes state-of-the-art CAD (computer-assisted design) software programs to design every manufactured home in NJ with pinpoint precision. Furthermore, this software allows us to provide every single client with walk-throughs of their future home, in a 3D environment, at no extra charge. Our clients enjoy direct contact with our design team, allowing them to stay up to date during the entire process of designing their modular home in New Jersey.

Energy Efficiency: The construction process of modular homes in New Jersey allows for easier identification and filling of gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and exterior sheathing. Not only does this make manufactured homes in NJ tighter, but allows for less air infiltration and advanced energy efficiency, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.

Speed of Construction: One of the primary advantages of New Jersey modular home construction is the quick turnaround between groundbreaking and occupancy. Some owners are able to move into their homes just a few months after their initial contact with their modular home builder. Many custom manufactured homes in NJ are built in just a fraction of the time a comparable custom site-built home could be constructed. For home buyers who prefer to move into their new home sooner rather than later or who live in an area with a shorter building season and fickle weather, constructing a modular home in New Jersey offers the perfect solution.

Yes!  Jersey Dream Design Center can adapt almost any floor plan to the design of a modular home in New Jersey, at no additional charge.

Absolutely! Jersey Dream Design Center works extremely close with every single client during the design phase of their modular home in New Jersey. Our clients have direct access not just to our sales representatives, but also to our team of design consultants. Jersey Dream Design Center designers use state-of-the-art software and 3D rendering technology. This enables our clients to walk through their manufactured homes in NJ in a virtual environment before any contract is signed, at no additional cost. Our clients are limited only by their imagination. If you have a dream home in mind, we can create it.

The completion of a modular home in New Jersey will vary depending on the complexity, location and permit processing expediency of individual municipalities. Once the manufactured home in NJ is set on its foundation/piles it can be completed in approximately 90 days.